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Why Video Games Moving to Mobile is Great for Voice Over Artists

With the huge advance of smartphone technology it’s no wonder major gaming titles have found amazing success from using mobile platforms. Mobile phones now give users a gaming console ...

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Why voice-over accessibility and inclusion matters:

Reach a wider and more diverse audience and comply with legal and ethical standards. Thankfully the need for voice-over accessibility and inclusion is gaining more attention in voice-over ...

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Is the Metaverse the next big thing for Voice Over Artists?

There are abundant ways for brands audiences to engage with them online these days - streaming, gaming, esports, and social media allow audiences to engage with content. It’s quickly become ...

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The Most Popular Tone for Campaigns in 2023

While brands are designed to be different to stand out in a crowded market place and also to sync and appeal to their target audiences – we’re seeing all consumers ...

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AI seems like a cheap alternative to using a real human for voice over, right?

Here’s a few considerations for you to think about when deciding to go down that route for your next project.   People still prefer to hear a real human ...

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