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The Most Popular Tone for Campaigns in 2023

While brands are designed to be different to stand out in a crowded market place and also to sync and appeal to their target audiences – we’re seeing all consumers looking for communications that sound LESS like adverts and MORE like conversations.

When everyone is bombarded with information and content – we crave more human connections.

Consumers want to have “authentic conversation”. A tone that sounds human, approachable, and incredibly real. A tone that creates an emotional connection with the audience, giving them the impression of being in an intimate conversation rather than in a one-way listening situation. It makes the message more digestible, more memorable, and more engaging.

It’s a tone that’s both informal and informative, professional and personal. It’s casual without being overly nonchalant, and it’s serious without being overly formal or rigid. This tone offers a perfect balance that makes the message appealing to a wide variety of audiences. Obviously the voice needs to match your brand but all professional Voice Over Artists are able to hit this tone – and hit the right notes with your target market.