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AI seems like a cheap alternative to using a real human for voice over, right?

Here’s a few considerations for you to think about when deciding to go down that route for your next project.


  • People still prefer to hear a real human voice. One that you can direct to hit the right notes and tone for the brand you’re representing. Apps like Tik Tok heavily use AI voice over because it’s easy but no-one likes how it sounds. Choose AI voice over to save money and you’ll miss out on the expressive performance that only a real, professional Voice Over Artist can deliver.
  • Even as the quality improves there will still be the ethical and legal challenges associated with AI-powered voice synthesis, such as the risk of voice fraud, copyright infringement, or misrepresentation. There are starting to be cases where professional Voice Over Artists have recorded material for brands for a project then heard themselves on campaigns they haven’t agreed to or been paid for. Essentially stealing their voice and crippling their livelihood. This is eroding what it means to be an artist. Imagine as a Creative Director – someone passes your work off their own, makes a swag of money and you never see a pence of it.
  • A lot of this is been done via the creative jobs market where Voice Over Artists can find their own work directly, the contract cleverly slips in AI synthesisation. Giving permanent rights to the actors voice in return for a pittance. Using an agent is the best way to safe guard yourself as a Voice Artist.