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Is the Metaverse the next big thing for Voice Over Artists?

There are abundant ways for brands audiences to engage with them online these days – streaming, gaming, esports, and social media allow audiences to engage with content. It’s quickly become the most popular form of entertainment as more and more people and brands invest in their online presence and identity.

The major players continue to report growth and demand for content. This, in turn, requires more voice-over. However, the demand for newer, more immersive media markets is the most significant growth.

The metaverse is a particularly exciting prediction for the future as brands begin to use this marketing real estate to engage with their target markets. Metaverse users can attend virtual events, dress up their avatars, and meet their friends in the digital world. Bringing brands closer to the people they want to build profitable relationships with.

Creative agencies are getting on board with the Metaverse and encouraging their clients to see the potential. Players can browse upcoming content (be marketed to) and choose from an array of skins to wear (go shopping). Epic Games’ chief creative officer even described it as “an opportunity to almost create a new medium.” If users spend more time in this digital space, this will create more need for voice-over and the added potential of live in-world voice-over.